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4 Ways Platforms Used Content at Cannes

June 20, 2014

Each year, thousands of marketers, innovators, advertising professionals and entertainers gather at the Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity to celebrate and view inspiring content that will set the standard for how we look at creative communications around the world.

This year’s conference was marked by an influx of platforms and ad tech providers who added to the traditional mix of marketers and agencies. These new entrants sought to break through the clutter via creative, content-based storytelling.

Here’s a sampling of some of the best platform activations we saw at Cannes this week:

Twitter takes the #selfie to a whole new level: Move over #selfie, meet the #dronie. Twitter launched camera-equipped aerial drones to take Vine videos of people on the ground at Cannes. Sir Patrick Stewart was the first dronie, alongside Twitter’s VP of Global Brand Strategy, Joel Lunenfeld. Since then, the Dronie Vine account has posted dozens of additional videos from Cannes.


Spotify launches a social experiment at Cannes: Spotify asked Cannes attendees, “what song inspires you?” as part of a social experiment in which people could discover which songs were inspiring the creative community and find out how music connects people at the festival. The “music network of Cannes” was visualized in a nighttime projection outside the Palais des Festivals with a digital fireworks display.

Instagram brings visual connections to life: Cannes Lions and Instagram both celebrate the world’s best visual content, so Instagram launched a contest asking Cannes attendees to attach the hashtag #InstagramCannes to their best photos. The winners’ photos were featured in their exclusive gallery space, La Galerie d’Instagram. Based on originality, technical execution and subject matter, Instagram selected three winners to bring that connection to life through visual storytelling.

Pinterest enlists agency friends to create Cannes boards: In an effort to inspire creativity at Cannes, Pinterest launched a creative community on their platform with the help of Dentsu and other media and agency partners. The boards consist of creative elements like color, patterns and typography, as well as mediums like film and packaging, in which industry creatives collaborated with Pinterest to showcase inspiration (image via Adweek).


As platforms expand their offerings to make way for the evolving creative canvas afforded by the digital landscape, it comes as no surprise that these players have found their way to Cannes. As noted by the Wall Street Journal, “these days [Cannes] isn’t just about creativity. It’s about technology, too.”