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Applying Tina Roth Eisenberg’s ‘Rules to Live By’ to Content Marketing

March 26, 2013

SXSW has come and gone (read 360i’s SXSW Hotsheet to get the full rundown) – and besides the epic Macklemore and Lewis performance, there are only a few presentations that remain top of mind.

One of the few that continues to resonate for me is the keynote from Tina Roth Eisenberg, the Brooklyn-based design virtuoso also known as swissmiss, that provided a simple list of guiding rules for life. And while there wasn’t one specific presentation about content marketing that I loved, it was probably one of the most talked about trends this year.

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So, without further ado, I’ve remixed Tina’s Rules to Live By with some content marketing best practices. Here’s to living well and creating great content.

Tina says: Invest your life in what you love.

Rosie says: Find the sweet spot between what you and your fans love. If it’s all about you, it won’t feel relevant to them. On the other hand, not everything your consumers love will be relevant to your brand.

Tina says: Embrace enthusiasm.

Rosie says: Enthusiasm is a powerful force. Use it to inform what kinds of content you should continue creating and leverage it to build excitement around content that you’ve already created.

Tina says: Don’t complain. Make things better.

Rosie says: While consumers can be quick to complain, brands should take the higher road. Providing something useful for your fans shouldn’t be underrated.

Tina says: Trust and empower.

Rosie says: Your consumers have potential to be your biggest advocates, but you have to trust them first. After funding the Charge Card on Kickstarter, I received in the mail not only the skinniest iPhone charger on the market, but also a note from their founding team, “You’ve trusted us with your pledge, now it’s our turn.” They also asked for creative ideas for promoting the product in return for a free Charge Card, saying: “There’s no limit. Go wild. Get creative. Write a song, start a chant on public transit… no evidence necessary, but we do like a good YouTube video, so feel free to send us whatever you capture out there.” They’ve incentivized content, and provided some creative thought-starters to get fans thinking about all the possibilities—all without giving consumers a checklist of rules. That’s a pretty powerful combination.

Tina says: Experiences are more valuable than money.

Rosie says: The line between the digital world and the real world continues to blur. Many offline events spark online conversations. So, create unique experiences for your fans that make them feel compelled to share.

Tina says: Surround yourself with likeminded people.

Rosie says: Join conversations with likeminded people. Instead of starting brand conversations in silos, find platforms with communities that overlap the values and passions of your own.

Tina says: Step away from ego and collaborate whenever possible.

Rosie says: Yes, do this even with your fans. They may not have the production team or dollars you have, but they are likely just as creative as you. If you’re nervous, test and learn by giving your fans an opportunity to co-create content with you.

Tina says: Ignore haters.

Rosie says: There will always be haters. If people are trolling your page, it may not warrant a response. But if you see people with frequent complaints, use that opportunity to raise awareness internally about product problems orissues.

Tina says: Make time to think and breathe.

Rosie says: Leave your desk. Go be inspired! The best content marketing is culturally relevant – and if you’re out there living and breathing the culture around you, you’re helping to set yourself up for success.

Tina says: If an opportunity scares you, take it.

Rosie says: Get your legal team involved, but instead of asking if something is allowed, begin the conversation by asking “How can we make this happen?” It’s not always easy, but it’s often worth it.

Tina says: Be someone’s eccentric aunt.

Rosie says: Well, she’s got me there. But I will throw in a plug for the best eccentric aunt, Auntie Mame, who was introduced to me by our Director of Talent at 360i, Laurie Schuster. (Quick plug: Laurie is hiring! Visit to learn more or email


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