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What Broke the Internet in April: RIP Prince and #WrestleMania

May 9, 2016

‘What Broke the Internet’ is a recap and holistic overview of the most buzzed about daily Internet conversation in the Twittersphere. Through social listening, we’re looking at the top trending topics day-by-day to help marketers understand what is capturing people’s attention and ‘Breaking the Internet.’

As an agency powered by curiosity, our teams are keeping tabs and striving to understand internet phenomena by connecting the dots and looking for insight into what fizzles and what flies, as well as to identify white spaces we can help brands creatively tap into.

Sports and pop culture dominated social conversation last month as Prince passed away on April 21 and fans around the world took to Twitter to remember the artist’s life. Just two days later, Beyoncé released her sixth studio album, LEMONADE, which was also released as an HBO film. The album reached number one on the Billboard 200 chart and sold 485,000 copies in its first week.

The Internet was buzzing as WWE fans tuned into the flagship event of the year and witnessed Roman Reigns win the 2016 WrestleMania title. The NBA regular season ended in the middle of the month, and the LA Lakers said goodbye to their hometown hero of the past 20 years as Kobe Bryant finished his decorated career with a 60 point game against the Utah Jazz.

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Cover photo via YouTube.