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Coca-Cola Celebrates the Holiday Season with GIFs

December 18, 2012

To celebrate the holiday season, 360i client Coca-Cola is launching a festive content series — called “The 12 Days of GIFs” — for its popular Happiness Is Tumblr community, which highlights simple, fun instances of everyday happiness. Digiday recently named Coca-Cola one of the Top 5 Brands on Tumblr.

In vein with the popular “12 Days of Christmas” song, Cola-Cola will post new GIFs each day, which in aggregate tell the tale of an epic snow day. This initiative is Coca-Cola’s way of giving back to its Tumblr community by delivering festive, fun, cheerful — and, most importantly — shareable content.

Why GIFs? The 2012 “Word of the Year” (as named by Oxford Dictionary) seemed the perfect way to wrap up the year. GIFs — defined as video clips translated into animated photos — have been around for 25 years, but have enjoyed a recent resurgence as more and more people turn to them for sharing moments from videos and telling stories across social media and blogs.

Here are three reasons why GIFs are so popular among brands and consumers alike:

1. They’re storytellers. GIFs capture a perfectly-selected moment, enabling content creators to tell a story or capture a mood in just a few seconds. New blogs that celebrate the “reaction GIF,” like What Should We Call Me illustrate GIFs’ role as the perfect summation of moments from daily life. The image below, shared hundreds of times, was accompanied by the caption: “When Sunlight Peeks into My Room in the Morning.”

2.  They’re shareable. GIFs have enjoyed a renaissance as a way to share videos without the video, removing the barrier to click and easy to share across social platforms. They are relatively small files that are easily placed within blogs and can seamlessly play across a range of devices.

3. They’re expressive. GIFs, though simple, have become a new media art form and a creative outlet for teens especially. Formats like the cinemagraph ( popularized by the Cinemagram app) let users explore their creative side while capturing original scenes, as in the example below. Tumblr recently hosted a GIF festival, Moving the Still, celebrating the GIF as an art form and showcasing artists’ renditions.

Visit Happiness Is to follow Coca-Cola’s 2 Days of GIFs.

By Lexie Perez, Content Manager, and Maggie Walsh, Senior Social Strategist at 360i