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Dad Bloggers Rise in Prominence

September 28, 2012

This article was originally published in the WOMMA All Things WOM blog

As more dads lead the way down grocery aisles and assume the role of family shopper, the marketing mindset is evolving to meet a more contemporary consumer standard. According to Consumer Reports, 52 percent say they are the primary grocery shoppers of their household and more men are expected to take on this role over time.

As many men become the chief purchasing officer of families, they’ve developed an influential voice in areas such as purchase decisions and consumer goods. Today, an increasing amount of dads are sharing their opinions online—where thousands of followers are listening to their every word. “Mommy Bloggers” – or so they’re widely called – might own most of the space and marketer attention, but brands should not neglect this growing group of male influencers.

So, what are dad bloggers writing about?

Dads share anything from personal stories and new gadgets, to lifestyle topics and cooking. Male consumers tend to be more experimental and adventurous, so they are open-minded to a variety of brands and products. This can be observed through the number of dads who offer reviews and advice on their blogs. For example, Dad Does is an exemplary “do it all” blogger; covering toys, health, books, travel, sports, food, and more. He is willing to try new products while encouraging others to test the brands he already trusts and favors.

Which campaigns work?

Dads are just as experienced as moms when it comes to making family grocery choices or decisions within the home. For example, when Febreeze asked Eric Payne of Makes Me Wanna Holler to review their Set and Refresh Air Freshener, he provided unique and useful insight about the product. By explaining his role as a homeowner and concern for household cleanliness, Eric demonstrated how he makes product choices that benefit his home and family.


Makes Me Wanna Holler’s Eric Payne covers “Life, Love & Fatherhood”

Why take the “risk?”

Marketing to dads can increase brand affinity within a growing space of consumers, thereby driving loyalty and sales. Working with dad bloggers to execute marketing campaigns welcomes personal connections between brands and influencers and allows for honest peer-to-peer conversations.

Here are four quick tips for reaching dads online:

[1] Avoiding pitching a stereotypical “man” campaign and build your campaign with the interests of both the influencer and his readers in mind. Get to know and build a personal relationship with influencers that is based on the interests, passions, and motivations of your target—not just their gender.

[2] Understand how each dad influences his own family and the specific roles he takes on; both in and out of the home. Derek Markham of the Natural Papa blog, for example, has a strong love for natural foods and the environment. This means he is concerned about nutritional facts and is very influential in purchasing the right products for his family. Brands should apply specific dad blogger knowledge when reaching out with new products in order to be certain of a great fit.

[3] Trust the influencers to provide messaging in a style that they’ve built their blog on; whether it’s strictly informative or with a humorous twist. These dads know how to reach their readers and it’s important to them that they keep their identity—even when partnering with brands.

[4] Recognize that outreach doesn’t have to be “dad vs. mom,” but rather a way to bring both together with the common ground of parenting. Because moms anddads have the best interest of their families in mind, a unified effort in making choices should not be overlooked. While some dads may be in charge of buying the products and moms are in charge of cooking, it could work the other way around as well.

Word of mouth marketing is a great way to engage influencers and test insights. By leveraging dad-centric marketing campaigns, we can create a valuable relationship between brands and male consumers, ultimately paving the road for loyalty and success in the future.