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Digital News Roundup: August 30, 2010

August 29, 2010

This week’s roundup has something for everyone – news from each of the Big 3 engines, a big announcement from SCVNGR (hint: it involves Facebook), Time’s list of 50 awesome websites and more. Catch up on all the top stories in our summary below.

Google Expands Its ‘RealTime’ Search of Tweets, Buzzes

On Thursday, search market leader Google made strides in order to make its results more up-to-the-minute. Google Realtime Search ( displays the latest conversations in a self-refreshing newsfeed as they happen across services like Twitter, Facebook, MySpace and Google Buzz.


When a user searches within Google Realtime, new results appear as they become available. Depending on the topic, these updates can be quite frequent – as the Wall Street Journal reports that people provide more than 70 million updates via Twitter on a single day. Above the results, users can see how the volume of conversations grow or shrink over time. To the right of the results, Google lists “top links” related to the user’s search query.

Google first began incorporating realtime updates back in December 2009, but up until this week those results had been limited to the “Updates” feature within the main search product. Now, these results have been given their own offshoot page.

SCVNGR Brings Location Game to Facebook Places


In the Geo-Social War, it’s important to have allies, and SCVNGR is making a smart play by teaming up with the Facebook, which recently launched their own location-based check-in system.

The new SCVNGR integration for Facebook Places will allow SCVNGR users to send their check-ins to Facebook and Facebook Places users to import their check-ins onto SCVNGR. The integration will also apply to SCVNGRs challenges, or treks, allowing users to share when they scan QR codes, take pictures or complete other challenges directly onto their Facebook wall, while tying them into the Facebook location. In addition to the incorporation on the Facebook platform, SCVNGR will also have access to Facebook Places APIs.

This new integration is sure to boost the number of people using SCVNGR, though SCVNGR is yet to release any data as to how many users they currently have.

It’s Official: Bing is Now Powering Yahoo Search Results

Yahoo and Microsoft have announced that Yahoo’s move from its own engine to Microsoft’s Bing engine is finally complete after a one-year transitional stage. This means that Bing is now the engine behind Yahoo’s organic search results (text, image and video) in the United States and Canada.


This news is significant to digital marketers as they may need to rethink their search engine optimization strategy in light of the transition. Stay tuned for our insights right here on the 360i blog.

More Shoppers are Using Social Media, Survey Says

A recent Compete survey of 3,119 internet users found that there has been a 17% increase in people who are shopping online through social media platforms since 2009.

Nine West provides a shopping experience via its Facebook Page.

A survey conducted between May and July of 2010 found that 31% of respondents reported visiting Facebook fan pages and retail Twitter feeds. But not only have respondents been visiting these pages, 83% reported that they shop online at least once a week. The survey’s findings predict a steady increase in online shopping over the next six months, mainly focusing on entertainment products including movies, music, video games and books.

Time Magazine’s 50 Best Websites

Last week, Time magazine released its annual list of the top 50 websites around. There are a lot of winners here, but here are a few of our favorites:

  • Mint – Making financial responsibility cool (and easy) since 2006
  • Grooveshark – Cloud-based music site that allows you to build and save custom playlists with minimally intrusive ads
  • Tumblr – Super-simple blogging service that has attracted big names like Newsweek and even John Mayer himself (and not so big names, too, like whoever the clever soul is behind Hungover Owls)
  • Foodspotting – Location-based social networking + food, what more could you want?

You can check out all 50 over at

Katie Wall, Account Coordinator at 360i, contributed to this report.