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Digital News Roundup: Jan. 22, 2010

January 22, 2010

Kodaks channel on Seesmic look (click to enlarge image)
Kodak’s channel on Seesmic look (click to enlarge image)

This week in digital included the debut of a Twitter client like you’ve never seen before, new Facebook analytics tools for Page administrators, a study that showcases the growth of social marketing investment and more. We recap the top stories from the last seven days below. Quick plug: If you’re not following @360i on Twitter, today’s a good day to start. We’ll be posting some of our newest job listings in vein with our #findajobfriday tradition.

Seesmic Debuts New “Look” Platform

Seesmic announced its newest platform, Seesmic Look, on Thursday. CEO Loic Le Meur told ReadWriteWeb that the easy-to-use Twitter client represents an innovative step forward from other products (like TweetDeck) in that it’s tailored to more mainstream Twitter users. In addition to boasting a sleeker-than-sleek design, Seesmic makes Twitter more organized by aggregating lists of Twitter accounts by topic. Users can then peruse the various channels for up-to-the-minute news and entertainment.

The channel feature, and perhaps even more so a feature called “Seesmic Looks,” provides tremendous opportunities for brands – if consumers embrace it. The latter function allows marketers to customize their own branded channels. Current partners include Red Bull, Kodak and Ford, among others. You can read more about the opportunities for marketers in our recent post: Seesmic Courts Brands and Your Mom – Will Either Bite?.

Google Offers New Mobile Targeting Options

Google AdWords announced this week that it’s now offering new targeting options for mobile ads. The new feature lets advertisers target specific mobile devices or carriers. For example, you can choose to deliver ads to all users, or hone in on Android users, iPhone/iPod Touch Users, Palm users or any combination of the three. You can also choose any combination of mobile providers, including A&T, Verizon, Sprint and other major carriers.

Search Engine Land notes that the new feature is especially useful for marketers wanting to reach users with specific messaging related to their device and/or carrier. This seems to be yet another move on Google’s part to innovate the mobile space. For more mobile, see David Berkowitz’s Mobile Outlook from this year’s CES event.

Facebook’s New Post Insights Feature Goes Live

Facebook’s newest feature for Pages – a product called Post Insights – educates administrators on the reach and engagement for each story they post on the page. AllFacebook reports that the tool shows how many impressions the post received as well as the percentage of impressions that result in likes, comments or clicks.

Image via AllFacebook
Image via AllFacebook

Post Insights arms Page administrators with powerful information about which types of posts generate the most engagement from fans. This is a huge value-add for marketers looking to take a more strategic approach to the kinds of updates they provide to fans on their brand’s Page. As AllFacebook notes: “Knowing your impact is critical.” This will be especially useful once marketers start establishing benchmarks to understand what kinds of posts resonate the most.

Study: Marketers Warming Up to Social in a Big Way

Alterian has released a new study on social media marketing adoption which solicited feedback from more than 1,000 marketing professionals across the globe. TechCrunch summed up the report, which found that approximately two-thirds of those surveyed are investing in social marketing this year. Moreover, 40 percent of that group said they plan to move more than 20 percent of direct marketing budget to social marketing.

Another interesting stat: 36 percent of marketers surveyed said they are investing in social media monitoring and measurement tools. This seems to align with the growing desire for better social media metrics – as well as more strategic planning when it comes to measuring a brand’s presence in online spaces.

360i CEO Bryan Wiener authored “The Social Landscape in 2010” for SoDA’s annual Digital Marketing Outlook, which came out this week. In this article he forecasts a big year for social media measurement (hyperlinks added):

Expect new metrics and models, from planning media on a cost-per-social-action basis to measuring Key Conversation Indicators (KCIsSM) that are better suited to earned media. 2010 will also bring more progress with technologies that can automatically measure sentiment; mass market tools today are generally not accurate enough to rely on for thorough campaign measurement. Enhanced dashboards will make it easier for marketers to view the effects of social marketing on a real-time basis.

You can read the rest of the article on p. xiii of the report.

Whitepaper: 2009 Was Solid for Retailers in Search; Bing Continues to Grow

A new whitepaper from SearchIgnite (a search management and attribution technology provider – and 360i sister company) found that multi-channel retailers in the U.S. upped their paid search spend by 12 percent in Q4 2009 (year-over-year), marking the fourth consecutive quarter of YoY growth since SearchIgnite began tracking this metric.

Key Findings:

  • December showed signs of growth from non-retail marketers, with spend up 12% YoY, marking the first spend increases across all verticals — inclusive of travel and finance — since August 2009 (0.6%).
  • Microsoft’s Bing continued to capture more of marketers’ search dollars in Q4, increasing its share of search spend to 7%. This movement was largely at the expense of Yahoo!, which fell to 16% share of marketer spend. Google remained at 77% of all spend in Q4 and throughout most of 2009.

You can download the full report here.