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Digital News Roundup: July 15, 2010

July 15, 2010

It was a busy week in digital – with new numbers on mobile adoption among ad execs, a report from SearchIgnite that shows a 14% increase in paid search spend year-over-year, Twitter’s first @earlybird deal (with partner Disney) and the meteoric rise of Old Spice Man. Get caught up on all these stories and more in our roundup below.

Study: Mobile is Fastest Growing Media Among Ad Execs

Above: Kraft Foods’ new iPad app

According to a new report from Advertiser Perception Inc. (API), 46 percent of ad execs on both the marketer and agency side are leveraging mobile as part of their advertising plans – a number expected to jump to 60 percent within the next year. API projects mobile to grow at a faster rate than any other medium.

At present, the most common ad formats on mobile are banner ads (62 percent of advertisers surveyed), and text ads (60 percent) – though video is the fastest growing and is expected to grow from 28 percent to 43 percent within the next 12 months. As for mobile search, 41 percent of respondents are currently utilizing the channel, and API projects this number will increase to 50 percent in a year.

When it comes to mobile media platforms advertisers overwhelmingly favor smartphones (87 percent of respondents), though the iPad will rise the fastest. About 22 percent of respondents currently utilize Apple’s new tablet in their advertising plans, but API predicts this number will grow to 49 percent in the coming months.

To learn more about emerging opportunities in mobile, be sure to follow our summer POV series that focuses exclusively on mobile marketing. You can read our first five reports below:

Old Spice Man Takes the Web by Storm – then Rides Off into the Sunset

Unless you’ve been under a rock this week, you’ve heard of Old Spice’s new campaign that ties YouTube to Twitter by having the face of the brand (Old Spice Man, as played by actor Isaiah Mustafa) field questions from Twitter and respond in short video segments on the brand’s YouTube Channel.

Old Spice and its agency partners (led by Wieden + Kennedy) were quite busy during the two-day blitz, responding to more than 185 queries by writing, producing and publishing clips on YouTube (Read Write Web has a great recap of how it all worked). Today, Old Spice Man threw in the proverbial towel. “I must ride my jet ski lion into the sunset,” he said in his final video. “Please know I consider you my dearest and closest Internet friends. I will never forget this time we spent together ….I love you, always.”

It didn’t take long for the clever campaign to become a viral sensation – capturing the attention of millions of consumers, Internet celebrities (like Alyssa Milano, Demi Moore and Apolo Ohno), brands (like Starbucks and the Chicago Blackhawks) and media outlets like the Huffington Post and Perez Hilton. According to the Financial Post, the real-time approach placed Old Spice as the most-viewed YouTube channel of the day and made it the fourth-most subscribed to date.

Report: Paid Search Spend Continues to Increase

This week 360i sister company SearchIgnite, a search optimization and digital media attribution provider, released a whitepaper that found spending on paid search in the U.S. grew 14 percent in the second quarter of 2010 (year-over-year). These figures reflect the strongest growth search marketing has seen since Q4 2008.

The whitepaper also suggests that search has become less reliant on the retail vertical to drive growth. Retail spend grew 7 percent in Q2 2010. This was the first time in more than a year that spending in other verticals grew more than it did in retail.

You can download this report and previous SearchIgnite whitepapers at

Disney Becomes Twitter’s First @Earlybird Sponsor

After announcing its new e-commerce platform last week (@earlybird), Twitter has enlisted the first partner in the endeavor: Disney. Disney was also the first brand to utilize Twitter’s promoted trending topics service. The promotion states that users who follow @earlybird or @DisneyPictures can receive a special 2-for-1 deal on tickets to the new Nicholas Cage flick, The Sorcerer’s Apprentice.

Mashable reports that Twitter has also enlisted partners like Groupon and Gilt – which offer similar limited time offer deals – as well as additional advertising partners like Disney. Many brands have used Twitter to promote their own special deals, though as noted by Mashable, the benefit of teaming with Twitter is that the follower base that messaging reaches may be greater and more varied. There’s potential to attract more people – and people who wouldn’t necessarily follow the brand but might be interested in the promotion nonetheless.

New England Loves Mobile: Just Ask Ben & Jerry’s & the Patriots

Two northeast passion brands – Ben & Jerry’s ice cream and the New England Patriots – announced new emerging media initiatives this week that center on reaching consumers through mobile.

Ben & Jerry’s recently added augmented reality functionality to its iPhone app that grants users with special “Moo Vision,” which unlocks 3D experiences from carton lids. Departing from the AR strategy of many brands that utilizes the technology to help customers find store locations, this app allows users to view “virtual dioramas” that depict scenes from the small family farms behind Ben & Jerry’s ingredients (via ReadWriteWeb).

The New England Patriots are also testing new ground in mobile with the help of location-based startup SCVNGR (you can learn more about them in a previous 360i post). According to TechCrunch, the growing number of mysterious “Help Vince” t-shirts in the region has baffled local sports writers who wonder what the reference to Patriots standout Vince Wilfork means.

Well, the t-shirts are actually part of a SCVNGR challenge launched by the Pats, in which fans are invited to help Vince locate his “lost” Super Bowl Ring. The organization is hoping the program will spark engagement in the offseason and get fans pumped for the start of the upcoming season.  The winner of the challenge will score a special lunch with a member of the Patriots.

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