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Facebook Tagging Update Allows Brands to Extend Reach

February 26, 2014

This week, Facebook announced yet another update that will influence how marketers’ content is surfaced in the News Feed. Now, brands are able to extend the reach of their posts by “tagging” other Pages.

When a Page tags another Page (they mention and link to the Page in their own post), the post may appear in the News Feed for some of the people who Like or follow the tagged Page. This may sound familiar, as this feature already exists for individual users and their friends.

For example, the below post from the popular sports blog Bleacher Report might be shown in the News Feeds of people who follow or Like Dwight Howard and/or Carmelo Anthony, in addition to people who follow or Like Bleacher Report.

The biggest implication for marketers is that some Page posts that tag other Pages will now be seen by a larger audience – including people who might not Like or follow your brand. While there is tangible benefit to leveraging this update, brands should continue to use the feature only as it makes sense for them strategically. Excessive and/or unrelated tagging in an effort to “game the system” may result in content being hidden or reported as spam, thus deprioritizing a Page’s content in the News Feed.

Use cases will vary from brand to brand, but here are a few general thought starters for how this feature could be put into action:

Brands interacting with other brands within their family

Brands mentioning partners or sponsors

Entertainment brands sharing content about shows or celebrities

Ultimately, this update won’t change how many brands have been leveraging tagging already; however, it does provide the added benefit of being able to extend reach. The key is to focus on tagging where it provides value to both parties.