Facebook ‘Watch’ and What It Means for the Future of Video Marketing

After months of anticipation, Facebook released ‘Watch’, their new home for original video content. Watch is replacing the Video tab and will act as a platform for both live and pre-recorded video content on Facebook. Watch joins a string of video hubs added to the social landscape (YouTube Red, Cabana, Live.ly, etc.), signaling an update for how marketers approach video content from both a content and media perspective. Adding an entirely new video platform to the social landscape might feel overwhelming for marketers who are already splintering their budgets, but while Watch is currently limited to a select group of publishers and content creators, there are ways for them to tweak their current video strategy and either be a part of Watch now or be ready when the platform is more widely available. Below are emerging social platform trends that are influencing marketers’ video strategy and can help prepare for the new and expanding landscape: Emerging Platforms Facebook Watch, YouTube TV, Tumblr’s Cabana are all new destinations where people are watching video instead of discovering in feed or tuning into traditional television. To take advantage of these new audiences, Facebook recently made their in-stream video ad placement (5-15 second mid-roll … Continue reading Facebook ‘Watch’ and What It Means for the Future of Video Marketing