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‘Feel the Feelings’ in Oreo’s Valentine’s Day Effort for #RedVelvetOreo

February 12, 2015

This Valentine’s Day, 360i client Oreo is giving everyone—especially skeptical Millennials who aren’t exactly enthusiastic about the holiday—something they can love: stories about awkward, unexpected romance.

Featuring the brand’s newly released Red Velvet flavored Oreos, the campaign centers around the idea that Red Velvet seems to have a certain “effect” on people, no matter their age, personality, or relationship status.

Over the course of this week leading up to Valentine’s Day, Oreo is releasing six short videos highlighting the effect of Red Velvet on everyday situations that could use a little love. The scenes are recognizable moments in life that could be considered a little awkward—the dreaded middle seat on an airplane, or a crowded city bus—but, with a light-hearted change in perspective, become much more manageable, and even at times interesting.

The videos are being housed on YouTube, and supported with GIFs and Valentine’s-themed messaging across Oreo’s Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr where Oreo is inviting fans to “feel the feelings.”  The campaign is being further supported with paid media across social targeted at Oreo fans and less enthusiastic Millennials with non-Valentine’s Day plans.

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