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Gift Inspiration Comes to Life on Pinterest

March 26, 2014

Finding the right gift on a specific budget is never without its challenges – and sometimes even just knowing where to look for inspiration can be tricky. Since Pinterest launched Rich Pins for product pins in 2013, it has been gradually rolling out new enhancements to help pinners find products that suit their budgets. The latest extension is a new “Gifts” category where users can browse and pin products that are filtered by price range.

The new category aggregates only product Rich Pins – that is, website images, video or GIFs that allow price, availability and ‘where to buy’ meta data to be collected. According to Pinterest, “Product Pins get higher click-through rates than regular Pins and make your brand more visible because of the logo on the Pin.” Additionally, users that pin a product will receive notification of a price drop when the product goes on sale.

One retailer already leveraging this feature is Target. Pinners that discover Target’s products in the Gifts feed can click to see the price, re-pin the product to one of their boards or click through to buy it directly from the Target website.

Implementing Product Rich Pins

Retailers driving to eCommerce sites can implement product Rich Pins in a reasonably simple way; however, webmasters will want to be proactive about ensuring the appropriate tags are assigned to their website images. For information on how to implement Rich Pins read our post, “Pinterest Introduces ‘Rich Pins’ to Give Content More Context.”


The new “Gifts” product feed continues to elevate Pinterest as a platform for marketers looking to connect with consumers in a purchase mindset. To leverage the new feature properly, marketers should seek to ensure that their Pins not only provide the proper utility (with accurate information and links), but also provide high quality inspiration that compels people to take the next step and make the purchase. With these factors in play, brands will begin to see the end-to-end benefits of a robust Pinterest strategy that utilizes the new feed.

Cover photo via Small Biz Trends