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How Brands Can Tap into Vine Influencers for Snapchat

August 14, 2014

Snapchat is now the third most popular social platform among Millennials, ranking above Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr and Vine (yes, Vine). As Snapchat, an ephemeral messaging app, attracts more attention from teens and young adults, there have been a few exemplary executions of brands reaching their consumers directly through Snapchat, including activations from Taco Bell, 16 Handles and Karmaloop to name a few.

Direct marketing efforts on Snapchat have been focused on bringing exclusive deals and behind-the-scenes content to followers in an effort to increase foot traffic to stores and generate excitement for upcoming promotions. But how can marketers go beyond engaging with existing fans to further amplify brand messaging and recruit new fans on Snapchat? One answer to that question may be in tapping Vine content creators to transfer their influence and expertise across the platform.

In the past year since the platform’s launch, Vine influencers have seen explosive growth in their followings – not only on their Vine profiles, but across all of their social media channels due to fans craving to know more about every facet of the internet celebrities’ lives. Moreover, there is a proximate similarity between Vine and Snapchat content creation in that influencers must be experts at delivering a punchline within a short frame of time.

As Viners place more focus on their Snapchat audience and activity, brands are seeing an opportunity to leverage these influencers to tell their stories. Some brands are already jumping on this train, partnering with Snapchat influencers to create branded content with unique twists that Millennials will voluntarily watch. As is the case with other social influencer activations, partnerships with established personalities can help brands reach massive built-in audiences and deliver content that’s true to the platform – and true to what specific audiences (like Millennials) are seeking out.

In 24-hour activation, influencers can create around 60 to 80 snaps to craft a story for a brand using the Story feature. Jerome Jarre is a great example of a Superstar Viner taking Snapchat to a new level in which brands can be part of the storytelling, ten seconds at a time. He recently began giving longer life to his snaps by capturing them in video form on a YouTube channel. Below is an example of a Snapchat series he created for Disney’s “Frozen.”

Across all social platforms, influencers act as the organic bridge between Millennials looking for entertaining content and brands looking to reach them in exciting ways. Snapchat is no exception. As Snapchat marketing campaigns unfold, we can expect to see the number of Snapchat influencers grow as we have with Twitter, Instagram and Vine, as well as the many brands that will race to partner with them.

Cover photo via Mashable