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H&R Block Social Sweeps Makes Refund Dreams Come True

February 5, 2013

Have a dream and a Facebook account? You could claim up to $20,000 from H&R Block this tax season.

In January, 360i client H&R Block launched its first ever Dreamfund Sweepstakes to raise awareness of its At Home® tax preparation software. H&R Block is a known name in the tax game – especially when it comes to its broad footprint of retail locations – but its top-notch online software solutions are somewhat less famous.

Our goal was to bring At Home® to the forefront of social conversations. The H&R Block Dreamfund campaign invites taxpayers to share what they would do with their refund, since they’ll have more time to spend it after using the at-home software. “Everyone dreams about doing something great with their tax refund,” said Tony Bowen, Vice President and General Manager of H&R Block At Home. “We’re excited to see the wishes and stories behind these entries.”

H&R Block is giving more than $110,000 to its Facebook Fans through this Wednesday, Feb. 6. To play, fans can easily submit their refund wishes through the Dreamfund app for a chance to score a $20,000 weekly grand prize or one of multiple $100 instant win prizes every day. The sweepstakes rewards social sharing, too, players can rack up additional chances to win by sharing their wishes with friends.

To date H&R Block has received hundreds of thousands of submissions and four lucky winners have already seen their refund dreams turned to reality. For a chance to win a Dreamfund of your own, submit your wish here by 11:59 p.m. EST on Feb. 6. And be sure to share with your friends for more chances to win!