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Influencer Spotlight: Catching up with Logan Paul

July 30, 2014

Our newest addition to the 360i “Influencer Spotlight” Q&A series is Vine superstar Logan Paul, who has emerged as a true leader on the platform with over 4.8 million followers to date. Logan’s great sense of humor, spirited stunts and no-fear attitude make his short form videos extremely entertaining and sharable. Recently, Logan has worked with a number of brands, including 360i clients Hanes and HBO to help authentically reach new consumers on the platform. We had a chance to catch up with Logan and chat about his approach to Vine and social media.

360i: Where do you get your inspiration for your Vines?

LP: It’s always just really random. There’s no specific formula as to how I come up with my ideas; this is always the toughest question to answer!

360i: Are there any emerging platforms that excite you as a content creator that you could see yourself exploring further?

LP: Definitely. I’ve just started to play with and use Snapchat as a medium to communicate with my fans on a more personal level. Snapchat allows people to follow me on my crazy adventures, and to see the real Logan Paul for more than six seconds at a time.

360i: How do you choose which brands to work with and which opportunities to pass on?

LP: I only align myself with brands that reflect and embody my style and content. When I do brand integration, I want my fans to know that I actually stand by the company and product that I’m supporting.

360i: What have you found to be most rewarding working on Vine?

LP: The most rewarding thing is definitely all the amazing experiences and things that I’ve gotten to do because Vine has given me an outlet to show my creativity to the world.

360i: How do you see your content evolving over the next year? Three years?

I look forward to spending time creating content for my YouTube channel, TheOfficialLoganPaul, and hope to also venture into TV and film.

For more of Logan’s incredible content, check out his social channels below:

Interviewed by Alden Millar (Social Publicist, Influencer Marketing)