Social Media

Influencers Build Momentum for Downy’s ‘SoftSide’ Series

October 2, 2013

Today’s consumers are taking a more active role than ever when it comes to curating, sharing and even self-publishing content. Social content is a great way for brands to reach people in authentic ways, but standing out can pose quite the challenge.

Consumers are potentially served up 1,500 pieces of content a day on Facebook alone. So how do we know our consumers are actually receiving the right message, at the right time on the right channel? Furthermore, how can we ensure that our content resonates amid such a competitive and cluttered field?

One way to overcome these hurdles is to use influencers to help spread brand messaging and kick-start awareness, conversation and engagement. Through borrowed relevance, influencers across the blogosphere and other social platforms can help boost the quality of branded content and make it more personalized and relevant in the eyes of new audiences.

This strategy is being used to amplify the recently launched ‘SoftSide’ campaign, an effort from P&G’s Downy brand, which is using creative social content to “Bring out the SoftSide” of hard situations and icons encountered in everyday life – such as alarm clocks, high heels and even politics.

Beyond sharing the content across Downy’s owned media channels, we’ve partnered with the brand to launch a coordinated influencer marketing effort designed to reach relevant audiences across the blogosphere and social web. For example, we recently partnered with award-winning Vine influencer and photography/film director Meagan Cignoli (@MeaganCignoli) to help direct and shoot a short-form video designed to showcase how Downy could “Bring out the SoftSide” of solving a Rubik’s cube.

Almost immediately, the Vine catapulted Downy to the community’s “Popular” page – a rare feat for brands since personalities and “Vine-lebrities” commonly dominate that space. The content also spread across Twitter and Instagram, garnering hundreds of thousands of earned media impressions in a single afternoon.

360i and Downy also teamed up with the brilliant minds at Tinker Street and their team member, Instagram influencer Laura Pritchett (@bythebrush), who brought her own interpretation of ‘SoftSide’ content. For one week, Laura shot fabrics in nature and explained how the photos helped bring out the ‘SoftSide’ of her own life. This helped promote Downy’s own content within a new medium (Instagram) and engaged potential Downy fans who had not yet seen the original Facebook series.

By collaborating with influencers that share Downy’s vision and voice, the brand is bringing its content to new audiences in relevant and engaging ways. Visit Downy on Facebook to view new ‘SoftSide’ content as it’s published.