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Lean Cuisine Celebrates Women’s Accomplishments in NYC Art Installation

October 29, 2015

Earlier this week client Nestlé Lean Cuisine hosted a two-day art installation in New York City’s Grand Central Terminal to showcase how women are weighing themselves differently by weighing their accomplishments, not their bodies.

The effort follows the brand’s #WeighThis social campaign launch this past summer, where Lean Cuisine asked women to share how they would like to be “weighed” in life using the hashtag #WeighThis and captured their responses in a powerful digital spot.

Inspired by the thousands of responses received, and the overwhelmingly positive conversation the #WeighThis effort sparked in social, Lean Cuisine was moved to share more of women’s stories beyond the ‘Twittersphere.’

On October 26 and 27 Lean Cuisine invited women to watch the spot and once again share how they would like to be weighed using the hashtag #WeighThis.

The brand partnered with artist Annica Lydenberg to bring their successes to life in a two-day interactive art event. Annica painted the inspiring responses of women on close to 250 scales which were then displayed as part of an art installation in Grand Central’s Vanderbilt Hall. In addition, Lean Cuisine invited influencers including, La Tonya, Vera Sweeny and Audrey McClellan to join for the two-day event.

The #WeighThis campaign supports Nestlé Lean Cuisine’s major rebranding effort to shift away from its perception as a diet brand to be seen as a women’s health and wellness brand.

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