Social Media

Oreo Helps Fans Honor Their Fathers with ‘Dad T@ts’

June 13, 2013

Today, Oreo is bringing a little wonder to Father’s Day by creating custom ‘ink’ dedications for fans in social media. Following the fanfare that Mother’s Day brings, the brand is helping ensure dad gets the love he deserves too.

The digital campaign, called ‘Oreo Dad T@ts,’ inspires people to celebrate dad in a fun, imaginative way. Here’s how it works: All day, @Oreo is inviting fans to tweet a description of their pop with the hashtag #OreoDadTats. The brand will be creating customized tattoo designs in real time based on the descriptions, then sending them back to fans to share. A team of virtual ink artists will be on call all day to create the custom content as fans tweet in.

The artwork puts a playful spin on the recognizable ‘Mom’ tattoo by letting fans give their dads a similar tribute – using an Oreo twist that encourages fans to go beyond just giving their dad a card, but to actually be the card. In fact, some fans might even opt to print their designs on clear transfer paper and show their digital ink off to dad in person.

Some early examples:




You can join the fun by sending Oreo a 140-character description of your old man and following #OreoDadTats all day long.