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Rent the Runway & Etsy Represent Brand Pairings Done Right

October 24, 2013

Jay Z and Beyoncé.

Walter White and Jesse Pinkman.

Cory Matthews and Shawn Hunter.

It’s no secret that when two incredible beings join forces, the collaborative content produced – more often times than not – results in an incredible outcome.

The same buzzworthy outcome that celebrity pairings create can also follow great brand pairings. For example, a popular online retailer, Rent the Runway, has announced a new partnership with the much buzzed about online marketplace, Etsy, to create a special Halloween destination.

The result is a DIY lover’s dream: a Halloween site, created and hosted by Rent the Runway, which offers costume dresses sold by RTR and accessories provided by relevant Etsy shop categories. The Duchess of Cambridge costume, for example, combines a navy Temperly London dress with an assortment of tiaras offered by Etsy.

As a plus-up, RTR and Etsy are amplifying the news about their costumes by working alongside Influencers, including DIY expert ‘P.S. I made this,’ and soliciting editor picks from the likes of Refinery 29 and BuzzFeed.

The collaboration is authentic for both brands – especially Etsy, whose brand is known for its devotion to small business. In the past, Etsy has steered away from bigger brand integrations, but the RTR partnership has provided them with a new way to support their vendors without ‘selling out.’

So, therein lies the question: as marketers, how can we come together to make magic, without offending our fans, or worse, ‘selling out’? The answer is engaging in authentic partnerships that are true to your brand’s voice, mission and objectives (learn more about brand authenticity here).

Two great examples are the 360i brand collaborations of Oreo and AMC and USA Network and Oscar Mayer, where each brand paired up in a unique twist (Oreo pun not intended) to make unexpected brand magic, based on crossover fan insights.

In the case of Oreo and AMC, a feigned tiff turned into a way for both brands to showcase their unique personalities in social. USA Network and Oscar Mayer’s team-up played off of a Wienermobile reference from the hit show ‘PSYCH’ – and did so at the world premiere of ‘PSYCH: The Musical.’

The bottom line: Borrowed relevance can work magic when partnerships are authentic and strategic for both sides. These types of activations make the online space an even friendlier playground and engage consumers by giving them the very best of their favorite brands in surprising (and delightful) ways.

Cover photo via Etsy