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Secrets from One of the World’s Top Vine Influencers, Meagan Cignoli

July 11, 2013

As marketers, it’s necessary to stay on the pulse of new social platforms in order to remain top of mind when reaching fans and potential consumers. In addition to establishing brand profiles within emerging platforms, social influencers can also lend brands authenticity and credibility within up-and-coming spaces.

As new platforms emerge, so do new influencers within these networks – some are occasionally even users that rise from obscurity to ‘overnight fame’ by being particularly likeable, skilled or knowledgeable within a certain sphere.

Vine, a short-form video sharing community in which users are encouraged to create shorts that ‘share life in motion,’ is a fairly new platform where this trend is especially evident. Many tastemakers have emerged within the Vine community to capture the attention and imagination of Vine enthusiasts around the world, including Meagan Cignoli, who excels at the art of stop-motion video.

In addition to releasing esthetically breathtaking Vine shorts (see example below) that inspire her now massive online fan base, she’s recently collaborated with a range of top brands to produce videos that coincide with her personal interests. By working with brands that align with her own personality, and by putting to use her natural eye for creativity, Meagan has furthered the reach of these brands within the social space without compromising her unique perspective as an artist.

After watching Meagan’s rapid rise to Vine fame, 360i’s Influencer Marketing team invited her to our offices to talk about her craft and connect further about potential brand partnerships. During the meeting, Meagan spoke candidly about her career path and unveiled secrets to how she became one of the world’s most famous Vine users.

How did you get your start in stop motion animation?

MC: I had never created a stop motion animation before. I was playing with Vine late one night and trying out different things with magazines and realized that by tapping I could create movement. I just learned by trying and realized I loved it! When someone told me what I was doing was called stop motion animation I was a little floored; I hadn’t even had any interest in animation before and thought it was strange. After a certain age you think you know everything you have an interest in and when realizing there is this whole other thing you never tried or even thought of, it can feel strange to your identity. ‘Animator’ didn’t sound very glamorous. But now I love it and am totally open to it.

What’s your take on Instagram vs. Vine? Do you predict both can co-exist, especially given Instagram’s new forays in video, which as of late include an embed functionality mirroring that of Vine?

MC: I definitely think Instagram video and Vine video will co-exist. For two applications that create similar things, they could not be more different. I think that Vine is fantastic for comedy, for stop motion, for brands and getting a point across; it is so nice to work within the parameters it gives you. But Instagram videos are ethereal and great for slow aesthetically beautiful scenes, sometimes overexposed and filtered. They are both great, but totally different. 

How do you like to be approached by brands, and which brands do/would you enjoy working with the most?

MC: Brands just email me and I love it. It’s really exciting each time a new brand writes me to set up a meeting. I love advertising and feel really comfortable in that space. I have most enjoyed brands that I would never have realized I would enjoy! The variety has been fantastic, working with sporting goods, working with fashion, with cooking, with home improvement. Every day and every week is completely different and I love the challenge.


Meagan recently won a Cannes Cyber Lion for her Vines on behalf of Lowes and she has also been the subject of several features in publications like Mashable and Tech Crunch. Hearing Meagan speak further about her craft and personal brand underscored her passion, intelligence and desire to stay true to herself in all her animations. Our group left the meeting with Meagan feeling awed and eager to explore partnership opportunities for our own clients in the future.

As Rebecca McCuiston, Vice President of 360i’s Influencer Marketing team said, “To be successful working with influencers, we need to recognize that consumers are getting information and inspiration from sources beyond traditional media and blogs. Our team is passionate about identifying new platforms and building relationships with people like Meagan so we can help our brands have relevancy in today’s marketplace.”