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Social Marketing Playbook Now Available for Kindle and iPhone

July 15, 2009
You can now download and own a Kindle-friendly version of 360is Social Marketing Playbook.
You can now download and own a Kindle or iPhone-friendly version of 360i’s Social Marketing Playbook (image via Flickr).

Last week, Amazon decided to cut the price of its popular e-book reader, the Kindle, by $60 (from $359 to $299). InformationWeek reports that the company is rather tight-lipped about specific sales figures, but claims the Kindle accounts for 35 percent of book sales for those editions in which Kindle versions are available. We recognize that a good number of our readers are not only social marketing enthusiasts – but gadget-lovers, too. For that reason, we’ve made the Social Marketing Playbook available for purchase on

Those of you without Kindles can nab a copy of the Playbook for your iPhone or iPod touch by downloading the free Amazon Kindle app from the iTunes store.

Here’s how you can get your hands on a mobile copy of the e-book that was downloaded more than 15,000 times in June alone:

  1. Create an account with Amazon if you haven’t already.
  2. Head on over to the Kindle Store or download the free Kindle app for your iPhone or iPod touch.
  3. Search “360i Playbook” to locate our product.
  4. Purchase the e-book for $1.00. (We swear we’d offer it for free, but there’s a minimum we must charge through Amazon.)
  5. Voila! You can now read the Playbook on-the-go.

If you’ve got an e-book of your own you’d like to publish, here’s a great how-to article that will take you through the process.