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Social Media Cheat Sheet 2.0: A Marketer’s Guide to Today’s Top Platforms

June 10, 2015

Last fall we posted our first Social Media Cheat Sheet, providing marketers an overview to the top eight platforms at that time. As is the constant in social media, a lot has changed in the last few months. Below is an updated one-pager mapping the top social networks against each other based on various criteria, taking into account things like user base, tactical applications, KPI’s and more.

Of course, there are some social platforms not represented here, such as Foursquare, Whisper, Ello and many others – either because they are too niche, too small, or not necessarily top of mind for most marketers at this time. For marketers who juggle myriad aspects of business management and advertising, keeping tabs on the details of dozens of social networks is a daunting prospect. But for as overwhelming as it can often be, it’s also hugely important to making the right decisions and investments for their businesses. We hope this Social Media Cheat Sheet of the “who’s who” and “what’s what” of social media today will be helpful to marketers in determining and evolving their strategies in the social media landscape.

 View Cheat Sheet in full size on Slideshare.



Cover photo via Core 77.