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UGG Australia Awakens Creative Culture with New Content Strategy

October 12, 2012

UGG Australia has been a cultural staple for years. With its high-quality, fashion-forward products and a strong creative culture, the brand is committed to adorning those making big things happen out in the world with killer footwear, apparel and accessories.

As UGG Australia lives out its mission to foster cultural growth and creativity, naturally, that means the conversations it participates in will shift to a more cultured dialogue. The content the brand could potentially stamp their name on – in the name of fostering creativity in others – is limitless.

While the global brand truly does have a footprint everywhere, as no brand can, it does not strive to be the authority in everything. To serve as an extension of UGG Australia’s voice online, we’ve recently tapped some of the most passionate, driven and respected cultural leaders to speak on our behalf. We call them the UGG Australia Creative Council.

These eight reputable influencers – known for their impeccable ability to create and curate in fashion, music, photography, art, food and pop culture – are sharing their personal journeys and unique creative experiences in collaboration with the UGG Australia brand, seamlessly integrating the brand’s values with their own.

Members regularly contribute content that not only fuels UGG Australia’s social ecosystem, but also inspires a wider network within their blogs and social communities. As proclaimed within the manifesto, the council aims to “foster the creative spirit” by exploring areas of creative passion in a quest to inspire others and share “limitless creativity with the world.”

So, while taking your brand where there are no roads – and where they have never been before – here are some tips to keep in mind for generating truly authentic brand-associated content and conversation in digital:

1. Humanize it. Marketing used to be about a big and somewhat mysterious brand; it’s now about the people – the real humans with a larger voice thanks to the social space – that make brands relevant. Forgo the smoke and mirrors that smart marketing once was for a more authentic, transparent and simple dialogue.

2. Trade ownership for participation. Giving the spotlight to influencers that your brand is aligned with can set the stage for more authentic content creation, increased exposure and unbounded conversations – all within a controlled, on-brand environment. Content and conversations lead by brand partners can be leveraged across all brand-owned platforms including traditional (TV, print, etc.) and digital (e-commerce site, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest, etc.).

3. Enlist the right team.  Identify partners that share the brands unique lens. If you do this, and you trust your partners, new opportunities will pop up organically and you’ll reach an audience that your brand inherently finds valuable.

4. Be ready to run with it. Leverage the content, the relationships and the opportunities that arise to take your brand to the next level. Get involved, and get your hands dirty engaging with influencers and consumers both online and offline. (Strategically) leverage content your partners create and maximize the time borrowed with the influencer’s audience to create new relationships and increase your brands’ awareness among new target categories.

To learn more about the UGG Australia Creative Council including the program and the partners, visit: