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Vine Gets Personal with Private Video Messages

April 8, 2014

Vine has added a private video messaging feature that allows users to send personal video messages (VMs) directly to their friends or groups of friends, similar in functionality to SnapChat or Instagram Direct Message. The new feature is available on the latest version of the app and can be accessed in the drop down menu or simply by swiping the screen to the left.

Vine Messages: More Sharing, More Growth

Users can send VMs to one person or several users at once. In addition, users can send VMs to friends as well as people they are not mutually following on Vine – this includes friends who have not yet joined the platform. This last piece is important, as it implies that VMs could potentially help spread Vine to prospective users and therefore grow its user base.

Vine’s privacy settings are set up to protect users from unwanted VMs from non-friends. If a user does not wish to receive VMs from people they do not know/follow, they can turn off that functionality in Settings.

Unlike Instagram’s direct messaging feature, VMs can be shared with non-Vine users via email or SMS, thereby reaching people who are not on the platform and potentially growing Vine’s user base via word-of-mouth. The bottom line: It’s now extremely easy to send VMs to a group of friends made up of Vine users and non-Vine users alike.

The current update also facilitates greater content sharing, as users can send Vines to their friends using the VM feature. Prior to this update, a common behavior was tagging a friend’s user name in the comments of the original post or re-Vining to one’s entire follower base. Now, users can share Vines with one person or a smaller group of people without tagging or sharing with everyone who follows them.

Finally, as a fun addition to the app’s update, Vine has introduced ten new colors to make user profiles pop.

Brand Implications

Brands can send messages just like any other user – both to their networks of followers and other users by searching their handles. Six-second VMs will allow clever brands to seize creative and more personalized opportunities to connect with fans.

For brands with strong presences on Vine, VMs could offer another way to engage with fans beyond the traditional mass content strategy. And for brands that are relatively new to Vine or planning to join soon, VMs can add a new layer to future campaigns, whether it’s sharing exclusive content or sending personalized messages to influential users.

Cover photo via Yahoo