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Vine’s Vanity URLs Allow Marketers to Create Branded Destinations

December 20, 2013

Vine is introducing vanity URLs – a move that has the potential to evolve the popular app from a social platform to a brand destination.

Earlier this week, Twitter notified its strategic partners via email that Vine users (including brands on the platform) will be able to register for vanity URLs. This means that for the first time ever, brands will be able to directly point to a central web location – such as – where all of its Vine content is housed.

Beginning today, Dec. 20, Twitter will allow verified and brand accounts to claim their URLs on a first come, first serve basis. All other Vine users will be able to participate this coming Monday (Dec. 23).

One of the main challenges brands have faced on Vine – beyond reporting limitations and a lack of advertising options – has been that it was previously impossible to establish a centralized web presence on the platform.

With this announcement, brands will now have a profile page similar to those of other social networks. This will allow visitors to not just view the latest six-second videos, but also check out previous pieces of work and share profiles instead of individual pieces of content.

How do you secure a vanity URL?

Vine will reserve profile URLs that mirror verified Twitter @usernames, meaning that Oreo will have first dibs on – and so on. Although these names will be reserved, the community managers for those profiles will still need to formally confirm and claim the vanity URL.

Vine is recommending that all brands – even those not currently utilizing Vine for content – claim their vanity URLs as soon as possible to avoid others from claiming them first.

What’s next?

With more brands and users flocking to Vine, it’s great to see that the year-old platform is establishing itself as a destination outside of the confines of its app. Vanity URLs and profile pages will help brands legitimize their presence on the platform, and allow users to search and more easily find their content. This update demonstrates Vine’s desire to become integral to brands’ overall social planning.

Cover photo via Digital Trends