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What Broke the Internet in January: David Bowie & #1DHistory

February 8, 2016

‘What Broke the Internet’ is a recap and holistic overview of the most buzzed about daily Internet conversation in the Twittersphere. Through social listening, we’re looking at the top trending topics day-by-day to help marketers understand what is capturing people’s attention and ‘Breaking the Internet.’

As an agency powered by curiosity, our teams are keeping tabs and striving to understand internet phenomena by connecting the dots and looking for insight into what fizzles and what flies, as well as to identify white spaces we can help brands creatively tap into.

The first month of 2016 was full of news and gossip-worthy events that sparked Internet conversation. David Bowie’s legacy carried on after his passing on January 10 as many relived his music to honor his life. One Direction broke the Internet yet again with a video recapping the band’s history, and Ricky Gervais, who hosted this year’s Golden Globes, gave his unfiltered opinion on Hollywood megastars. The Internet was also abuzz with commentary around President Obama’s final State of the Union address in which he called for “a better politics.”

January BTI Graphic_FINAL
Cover photo via Live Science.