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What Broke the Internet in November: The #AMAs and Black Friday

December 4, 2015

‘What Broke the Internet’ is a recap and holistic overview of the most buzzed about daily Internet conversation in the Twittersphere. Through social listening, we’re looking at the top trending topics day-by-day to help marketers understand what is capturing people’s attention and ‘Breaking the Internet.’

As an agency powered by curiosity, our teams are keeping tabs and striving to understand Internet phenomena by connecting the dots and looking for insight into what fizzles and what flies, as well as to identify white spaces we can help brands creatively tap into.

If social buzz directly correlated with musical prowess, many would consider One Direction the Beatles of last month – with four of the month’s trending topics relating to the band or its members.

Holiday shopping and deals during Black Friday and Cyber Monday prominently took over social feeds at the end of the month. And just a couple days prior, the American Music Awards (AMA’s) dominated social news feeds with trending content for two days straight.

Check out the infographic below to find out what else ‘Broke the Internet’ in November.

Blog Graphic November
Cover photo via Tumblr.