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What’s Buzzing: Google Pranks, Honey Maid Shows Love & More

April 4, 2014

The week started with two homerun opportunities for brands to engage in real-time conversation: Baseball Opening Day and April Fools’ Day. Vine also released a new messaging feature that allows users to video message each other, group message and send videos via SMS without being on the platform. This update will likely result in a swarm of new users to the Twitter-owned platform as the new feature parallels products such as Instagram’s private message feature and SnapChat. Keep reading for more digital happenings from this week.

Google Maps Invites Fans to “Catch ‘Em All”
In celebration of April Fools’ Day, Google released a new “job ad” for the ultimate position at Google: Pokemon Master. While the role doesn’t actually exist, the company did create an augmented reality Pokemon game for fans, explaining how to get it on the fun via their Pokemon Challenge video. By launching the Google Maps app, and tapping “search,” users could begin their quest of capturing Pokemon, seeing the animated characters pop up on screen to battle it out.

Scotts Lawn Care Celebrates MLB Opening Week
Monday marked the Opening Day of baseball season, and Scotts Lawn Care (a 360i client) was there to help fans celebrate the occasion with a series of activations that will play out throughout the season. With the re-launch of their twitter handle, Scotts Lawn Care (an official partner of Major League Baseball) is asking fans to celebrate their favorite team’s homers by taking and uploading selfies which include a field (or lawn) in the background and tagging the photos #GoYardSelfie. The effort is positioning the brand at the center of real-time baseball chatter, and is a relevant tie-in as baseball is a sport known for being played on healthy green fields. Read more about the campaign on the blog.

Honey Maid Replies to Haters with Love
When taking a political stance or showing support for certain groups, brands often risk alienating some existing fans. While taking a strong stance on an issue can have the potential to turn into a crisis, it can also prove to be a wonderful opportunity to deepen brand loyalty. Last month, when Mondelēz brand Honey Maid released a TV ad that included gay and interracial couples, it received hundreds of negative comments in social media. To turn the backlash into something positive, the company hired two artists to create a video showing how the hate responses lined up against the overwhelming positive commentary, proving that what truly matters when it comes to family is: love.

Uber Offers Fans Rides on the “U Train”
Car service company, Uber, is known for capitalizing on popular trends by offering exclusive promotions to fans. After celebrating National Cat Day in November and helping fans get their Christmas trees home last winter, the company was at it again earlier this week mobilizing the long overdue Second Avenue subway line in New York City. On April 1, Uber launched its “U Train,” claiming to have completed the new subway line overnight, and for the full day was offering rides up and down Second Avenue for the price of a subway ride ($2.50).

Photo via Uber

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