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What’s Buzzing: Oreo Mini Delivery, Shark Week & More

August 15, 2014

This was an exciting week for the books, as people across the nation were challenged to partake in the “Ice Bucket Challenge,” and Discovery Channel’s Shark Week commenced. 360i client, Oreo, also encouraged fans to celebrate and thank the special people in their lives for the little things they do, and 360i client, Fanta, encouraged teens to create some laughs in six seconds. Read on for more updates from this week.

Oreo Celebrates the Little Things in Life
As part of a recent initiative with Oreo Mini, Oreo is celebrating all of the little things we love about the special people in our lives. Starting as a surprise and delight campaign for the 50 smallest towns in America, the effort expanded into a mini treat for people in towns and cities of all sizes. For the next week, Oreo is inviting fans to visit, and to thank a special someone in their lives for the little things they do with a special mini delivery. In order to send a mini parcel, fans must register on the microsite at Noon EST. If they happen to miss the time, there is a sweet message they can share on their social channels.


Travelocity Takes a Bite Out of Shark Week
Shark Week, now in its 27th year, commenced this past Sunday evening, and a number of brands including Snickers, Domino’s Pizza and Sprint used the opportunity to join the conversation online. Notably, Travelocity created a microsite that determined the closest sharks recently spotted to a user’s location, and then provided a convenient list of hotels for their stay should they choose to travel to that particular shoreline. The effort was promoted via Travelocity’s @RoamingGnome account.

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Social Good Campaign Resonates Nationally
By now your Facebook, Instagram and Twitter feeds have likely been taken over by videos featuring celebrities, politicians and friends performing the “Ice Bucket Challenge.” By choosing to pour a bucket of ice water over their heads and/or donate to the ALS Association, and then nominating friends to participate in the challenge, people everywhere are raising awareness for ALS, a progressive neurodegenerative disease also known as Louis-Gehrig disease. The success the effort has seen in social media has stemmed from a clear call-to-action and a challenge that is not only attainable by all, but which also generates excitement and sharing among friends.

Fan Gating has Received an Official End Date
This week, Facebook announced that Nov. 5 will be the official date for when brands will no longer be allowed to use Fan Gating – the protocol in which brands require visitors of their Pages to become Facebook fans in order to view exclusive content, redeem coupons or enter sweepstakes. For marketers whom have largely depended on gaining fans and Likes through coupon promotions and sweepstakes, this change presents a great opportunity for them to re-evaluate their strategies and discover alternative ways for building a community. More than introducing new campaigns and promotions to intrigue Facebook users to visit and Like a Page, marketers can learn more about their fans by getting to know them and the best ways to connect with them through exercises such as testing the best times to engage on the platform. Facebook insights and analytics can be a marketer’s best friend when it comes to creating an engaged, relevant community.

Fanta Gives Teens the Stage in “Fanta For the Funny”
As part of their ongoing mission to create more play in the world, Fanta is giving teens their own stage to create an original interactive comedy series. For the campaign, “Fanta For the Funny,” Fanta is partnering with three influential young Vine comedians – Alli Cattt, Jason Mendez and Mighty Duck – to work with a team of seven Viners to co-create an all-Vine comedy show for teens. One new episode of the digital series will be released every Friday for six weeks on Each episode will combine comedy with topics teens care about such as sports and music. Fans are being encouraged to submit their own clips for the show by creating a Vine and sharing it with @FantaFun using the hashtag, #FantaForTheFunny.


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