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What’s Buzzing: Platform Updates, The Evolving Role of Influencers & More

September 5, 2014

This week signaled a record-setting moment for Vine as the application rolled out an updated version which gives users considerably more creative freedom. In other news, Foursquare visited the 360i office to demo “the new Foursquare” and supplementary app Swarm. Read on for more news from this week.

Vine Introduces New Camera
Over the past two years, Vine has experienced a surge in popularity, especially among social media savvy Millennials. With the release of Vine’s new camera update, Vine has become quite literally a whole new world for platform users. By empowering the user with the ability to use the front and rear cameras, to upload external videos, and splice and edit as drafts, Vine users now have substantially more creative freedom within the app to create and share rich, visually engaging content.

Vine’s update now also offers compatibility with the iPhone 5’s “Slo-Mo” video function, as well as a second layer of customization tools and filters. With more than a billion loops every day, the potential for Vine as a re-emerging creative social platform is huge.

The updated suite of tools will make it much easier for Vine users and brands to become better content creators, directly impacting content quality and creative freedom. A natural progression encouraging content producers to become comfortable and experienced with video-integrated applications can be seen in the evolution of these platforms through recent updates like Instagram video, SnapChat, and Hyperlapse.

Twitter Updates Profiles and Fonts
Speaking of updates, Twitter recently rolled out a new version of the application to improve user experience through a more readable font and profile customization options. Twitter decided to return to the sans-serif font Gotham Narrow, though the change was not immediately well received by the Twitter community at large. On the other hand, Twitter’s profile customization options are likely to be embraced by users, and are similar to the custom color options available in sister app Vine.


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The Evolved Role of Influencers
On platforms where formal ads and paid media are not yet available, influencers have been extremely valuable in helping to drive reach and engagement among broader audiences – and brands have continued to find new ways to collaborate with them as part of their digital marketing efforts.

360i client Fanta, for example, recently embarked on an ambitious venture to reach teens through their quick-witted #FantaForTheFunny Vine compilation series. Working with some of Vine’s most popular influencers, the series showcases their varied sense of humor while creating some cohesive and seriously side-splitting content. Well-known influencer Meagan Cignoli complimented the brand on its storytelling, “cool factor” and willingness to give up-and-coming Vine stars a platform. This week, #FantaForTheFunny debuted its fourth episode. You can view this and previous episodes at

360i client Hanes’ partnership with Logan Paul further exemplifies brands’ willingness to collaborate with influencers and push the boundaries of branded content. In this case, to promote the new Hanes X-Temp product line, Paul is bringing the brand’s vision of “keeping cool under pressure” to life by embarking on a nationwide journey involving a series of challenges broadcasted on Vine. Catch the latest dares and see if Paul keeps his cool at

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