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What’s Buzzing: Queen Bey, Digital Jumbo Jets & More

December 20, 2013

This week, Twitter released a conversion tracking tool to help DR marketers better analyze the ROI of their Promoted Tweets (read 360i’s POV here). In other platform news, Facebook announced its testing of auto-play video ads in the News Feed – an update that could change how brands tell stories a on the platform.

In this week’s recap, learn how Beyoncé broke music records, what one Canadian telecommunications company stuffed into a vending machine and some highlights from brands as we head into peak holiday season.

Beyoncé Drops Unanticipated Album through Social Media

Last week, Beyoncé surprised fans by releasing a surprise album through iTunes. Queen Bey, as fans call her, announced the album launch video on Facebook and largely promoted via social media. Featuring 14 tracks and 17 videos, it became iTunes fastest selling album—with more than 800,000 copies being sold in the first three days. The unprecedented inclusion of video content along with iTunes exclusivity drove 1.2 million tweets for the album in the first 24 hours of launch, breaking many social media and music records. Beyoncé herself even urged fans to buy the full album, assuring them of a fuller experience.

British Airways’ Jumbo Give Away

The busy holiday season promises thousands of British Airways travelers passing through not only the airline’s terminals, but through their website as well. This year, the airline launched an interactive Christmas competition allowing customers to digitally un-wrap the largest commercial airliner ever built – a CG A380 Jumbo Jet. For 12 days leading up to Christmas, visitors can unwrap different sections of the plane for a chance to win daily prizes and be entered into a grand prize draw. The interactive plane is hosted on a microsite and an algorithm determines the fair and random selection of winners.

Telus’ Twitter-Powered, Panda Stuffed Vending Machine

Canadian telecommunications company Telus dispensed 3,000 stuffed pandas through a vending machine at a mall in Vancouver earlier this month to passersby who tweeted using the hashtag #HomeTweetHome.  Each time the hashtag was used Telus also donated $1 to conservation group WWF Canada. Pepsi led a similar execution last year by giving away free drinks in exchange for Facebook page Likes.

Facebook Unveils “Dislike” Button in Facebook Messenger

The much-anticipated “Dislike” button is making its way to Facebook; however, it is currently only available through the Facebook Messenger feature. Along with the new thumbs down option come a few other alternate stickers playing off the well-known “thumbs up.” And while a fully functional Dislike button has not yet made its way to the main Facebook platform, engineers indicated earlier this month that they had experimented with a “Sympathize” button.

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