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What’s Buzzing: Tumblr TV Premieres, Instagram Ad Success & More

May 23, 2014

One of the week’s most buzzworthy headlines came from Facebook, as the platform announced a new Shazam-like feature in which a device’s microphone is used identify a song, TV show or movie that the user is experiencing so that Facebook can then auto-populate a status update with relevant information.

Beyond this update, the marketing world saw a Tumblr TV premiere and more real-time content from Old Spice. Read on to learn about these and other top headlines from the past week.

Tumblr & AMC Partner to Debut Show

In an industry first, AMC debuted its new series “Halt and Catch Fire” on Tumblr. The drama premiered on the blogging platform ahead of its debut, making it the first TV premiere on Tumblr, and the first social media partnership for the network. Through the end of the month, “Halt and Catch Fire” will be available for viewers to watch on Tumblr, ahead of the June 1 television debut on AMC. This partnership doesn’t come as a surprise, as Tumblr has been tapping into the TV marketplace with other initiatives recently after a survey was released which found that Tumblr sees more “social TV” activity than Twitter.

Old Spice Dishes Out Real-Time Content

Old Spice recently asked its Twitter followers a simple question: “How many fingers are we holding up?” The responses began as anticipated, with fans guessing numbers between one and ten – but soon, the community got creative, and so did Old Spice. The brand got busy Photoshopping some rather peculiar images to the delight of fans guessing things like “14” and “chicken fingers,” proving that a simple, interactive idea can still see great success in social media.

Velveeta Uses Fan Commentary to Fuel Social Engagement

Similar to the Old Spice game, Velveeta created its own real-time content in response to fan comments on the company’s Facebook page. On Mother’s Day the brand posted an image with a model that garnered lots of negative feedback directly aimed at the model in the photo, saying he looked like a mannequin. Instead of ignoring the comments, the brand was able to humanize the model with a picture response from his wife. Positive and negative feedback alike rolled in, but the brand kept directly interacting with consumers in-character, turning the negative outpour into a positive fan experience.

Instagram Advertisers Report Early Success

Instagram is quickly becoming a prized space for advertisers. Now just a few months out of beta, initial brand partners are reporting promising results. For example, when comparing ad recall in a “control” group who was not served a Taco Bell ad to an “exposed” group who did see their ad, Taco Bell reported a 29 percentage point increase. Additionally, during the same month-long campaign, Taco Bell’s Instagram followers increased by 45 percent. Brands like Ben & Jerry’s (client), Hollister and Michael Kors have cited similar progress. [Further reading: “5 Best Practices for Creating Ads on Instagram.”]

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