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360i Selected as Tumblr A-List Partner

November 13, 2012

We’re thrilled to announce that 360i was among a select group of first-rate advertising, creative, media and technology agencies chosen as Tumblr’s A-List partners. The partnership will further enable agencies to better help brands share their stories with their communities in a unique and creative way. By way of reference, Tumblr boasts more than 80 million blogs with over 70 million new posts created each day.

As a partner, 360i will be provided with the knowledge, tools and resources to, in turn, help brands better navigate the platform. These benefits include, but are not limited to, access to Tumblr’s API team, support and communication with Tumblr’s dedicated brand strategists, and access to Tumblr’s Firehose of data.

Working with Tumblr is nothing new to 360i. For instance, our client Coca-Cola recently provided teens with celebrity designed Tumblr themes (or skins to be used for their own blogs). We’re also joining Tumblr on stage at the ANA Digital Marketing Committee Meeting in New York this Thursday, Nov. 15 to showcase some of the work we’ve done with Coca-Cola and offer some best practices on creating highly engaging and effective ads within the Tumblr environment.

Click here for more information on Tumblr’s A-List Partnership Program.