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Absolut Shakes Up the Party Scene During the Holidays with Hoppr

December 9, 2015

Epic parties aren’t just about mixing cocktails, they’re about mixing people. For the launch of its latest Limited Edition Bottle, Absolut Electrik, Absolut (client) is changing the party scene during the holidays by creating social connections that have the power to transform the night.

Pernod-Ricard teamed up with 360i to create Hoppr By Absolut, a mobile web experience that is uniting eclectic groups of people during the holiday madness to create a social friction capable of transforming any night into something unexpected and ‘Electrik’.

The idea came from a simple insight: that many people inherently avoid blending their different friend groups in social settings – especially around the holidays. “To blend or not to blend?” is a universal dilemma in the party-filled holiday season.

As an iconic brand that stands for epic nights out, we knew Absolut was uniquely poised to lend a voice on the subject – and that Hoppr could create social energy during the holidays that would lead to new experiences, while bringing positive and surprising energy to the launch of Absolut Electrik.

So how does it work? Users can log into Hoppr on mobile using their Facebook credentials. Once signed in, they can view and swipe through parties nearby to request an invite to and attend, or, if they are hosting a party, they can register their party on Hoppr and then swipe through potential new guests in the area to invite.

Hoppr is Absolut’s latest marketing effort for its larger Absolut Nights initiative. The campaign is being supported with social content on the brand’s Facebook and Instagram accounts, backed by celebrity ambassadors and social influencers, and highlighted at branded events.

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