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Find Bacon Love with Sizzl – The New Dating App from Oscar Mayer

September 21, 2015

Thick cut and hardwood smoked or maple and cooked to a crisp – how do you enjoy your bacon? With the recently released dating app called Sizzl from client Oscar Mayer, fans can find and connect with soulmates who share their same selective taste in bacon.

Sizzl is a real dating app created for fellow bacon lovers who are as serious about their bacon as Oscar Mayer. In love, as it is in bacon, it’s important to be selective and to look beyond what’s on the surface. That’s why Oscar Mayer takes the time to passionately cure every strip of bacon for 12 hours and lovingly smoke-house it for another 12.

To launch the app we created a humorous short video introducing the experience and accompanying social content to show true love can’t be rushed. The video is housed on a dedicated microsite for the campaign, and supporting social content on Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr prompts fans to download the app.

Sizzl isn’t just a dating app, it’s a dating experience catered to finding true love by matching people based on the most important preference of all – how they like their bacon. Once presented with matches, the user doesn’t swipe though them, rather they Sizzl. By pressing the “Sizzl–meter,” users can indicate their level of interest in another bacon lover – low, medium or hot. After the perfect match has been made, the user is then primed to strike up a conversation over bacon and hopefully meet up to eat actual bacon together.

Sizzl is available for free download in the App Store for iOS users who have iPhone 5 and above.

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