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Game of Thrones Artist Bids Farewell to HBO’s ‘Beautiful Death’ Series

June 13, 2019

HBO’s hit series Game of Thrones may have aired its final episode, but there’s still so much to be said about the show’s expansive pop culture legacy. Following the series finale, we caught up with Robert Ball – an artist who has spent the past half-decade illustrating the most iconic Game of Thrones deaths for HBO’s “Beautiful Death” series – to highlight his unique contributions to that legacy. Robert takes viewers through eight long seasons of murder, executions, duels, assassinations, among other key scenes, while also providing an inside look at his artistic process and the genesis of the “Beautiful Death” series.

We worked with HBO and illustrator Robert Ball on “Beautiful Death” over the course of eight seasons, during which Ball recreated the most iconic deaths from each episode of Game of Thrones right after it aired. It’s been the longest-running, most comprehensive illustration project of its kind in entertainment history. The illustrations have been turned into posters, puzzles, calendars, and commemorative box sets, and has generated millions of tweets and other social posts. In total, Robert estimates he’s spent over 2,000 hours illustrating various devasting as well as satisfying deaths.

The ongoing dedication to this highly detailed project reflects HBO’s commitment to premium craft not only in the content they produce, but also in their promotional efforts. Enjoy some of our favorite “Beautiful Deaths” below.