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Hanes Taps Vine Star Logan Paul for X-Temp Campaign

July 24, 2014

Vine celebrity Logan Paul turned his penchant for creating six-second videos into a career – and now he’s turning Millennials on to Hanes’ new line of X-Temp products.

For this summer’s product launch, Hanes found a perfect partner in Paul, who has described his short-form video content as “quality, clean and energetic.” At Just 19 years old, he one of the most followed content creators on Vine with 4.7 million followers. And while six-second video is his bread-and-butter, Paul’s fans have followed him elsewhere: to Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and even Snapchat.

Hanes is leveraging Paul’s expressed enthusiasm for physical challenges to demonstrate how X-Temp can keep its wearers cool under all kinds of pressure. For the duration the campaign, he will be soliciting dares from his fans in which he’ll prove his ability to stay “cool and dry” thanks to the help of Hanes’ X-Temp technology. The Hanes X-Temp product line includes underwear, T-shirts and socks for men and women.

Paul’s first stop on his #XTEMPSTRESSTEST tour was the Running of the Bulls in New Orleans, in which he attempted to dodge various objects (sometimes unsuccessfully) as part of the annual one-mile footrace through NOLA’s French Quarter. You can follow Hanes and Paul all summer long to catch the latest stunts and tweet your own dares using the #XTEMPSTRESSTEST hashtag.

With this effort, Hanes is leading a new trend in which brands are tapping influential social content creators to make a splash on emerging platforms (like Vine). As we noted in a prior blog post, partnering with popular creators can help marketers grow brand loyalty among highly-engaged audiences when the collaboration is both authentic to the influencer and appropriate for the brand.

Hanes is a client of 360i. You can learn more about the campaign in Fast Company.