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Help 360i Make the SXSW 2016 Lineup

August 19, 2015

Let the voting begin! It’s that time of the year again when SXSW opens up its famed PanelPicker – a voting system that allows Austin-bound festival goers to have a voice in which sessions takeover the 2016 lineup – and invites the industry to vote for their favorites.

Each year, the SXSW programming committee uses the PanelPicker to vet topics for the Interactive festival – taking place this upcoming March 11 – 15. An industry-wide popular vote will play a big role in the choice for which panels debut at the festival, and we’d love your support in helping our sessions make it to this year’s mainstage.

If the session ideas below pique your interest, please take a moment and vote for them using the PanelPicker – you’ll just need to first sign in with your SXSW account.

Breaking the Internet without Kim K’s Badonkadonk
It may have taken one of the world’s most famous badonkadonk’s to coin the phrase “Breaking the Internet,” but what’s really exposed is the Internet as a cultural force for shaping the zeitgeist, creating powerful movements, capturing our attention, and raising our voices. From LGBT rights to our love of cats, learn how the Internet has grown as a community and a cultural driver that is sparking important conversations and helping us form our world views.

Speakers include Layne Harris, VP of Innovation Technology at 360i and Nicholas White, Co-Founder and CEO of The Daily Dot.

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From the Lab: The Art & Science of Real Invention
Want to find out exactly what innovation labs are all about? New ways of doing business are being shaped in modern-day labs, where next generation inventors and risk-takers are exploring and experimenting to combine art, copy, science and cutting-edge technologies. The result is sharper ideas, better storytelling and creativity that are challenging the status quo. 360i will take you into the labs of leading clients to explore how to set up a lab, the investment it takes, and the great ideas coming from experimental mindsets and new approaches.

Speakers include Pierre Lipton, Chief Creative Officer at 360i.

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Flat Lining to Silver Lining: Resuscitate Your Biz
Every business is fighting for its life, and fighting to win people’s hearts, attention and wallets. At one point companies like Oreo, Coffee-mate and Ford were flat lining, struggling to modernize. By embracing transformation, altering their marketing approaches and committing to bold change, they found the silver lining. Rapid shifts in media, technology and consumer behavior should be inspiring, but learning to take advantage of constant change can be difficult. In this session, we’ll share how we’re making 100+ year-old brands relevant among new generations of consumers, and how to embrace the speed of digital to take businesses from flat lining to silver lining.

Speakers include Lee Maicon, Chief Strategy Officer at 360i.

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Critics’ Choice: Social First, Linear Second
Have you snapped a selfie in a Twitter mirror? Ever walked the Tumblr Fan Art Red Carpet? Have you heard of a “social centerpiece”? From the day nominations were announced up until the last moment of the show, social media played an integral role in the 2015 Critics’ Choice Movie and Television Awards. Innovative and strategic partnerships with Twitter and Tumblr created first-to-market social activations for both award show attendees and viewers to experience and enjoy. No FOMO here, this session will take you through the ins and outs of our tactics to make the Critics’ Choice Awards a truly unique event, expanding beyond the linear broadcast and into the digital world.

Speakers include Guy Slattery, EVP of Marketing at A&E Networks; Joanne Park, Head of Cable TV Partnerships at Twitter; and Mike Nuzzo, Group Creative Director at 360i.

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Cover Photo via Twitter.