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No Sugarcoating: Keeping It Real with Absolut Grapefruit

September 18, 2018

To celebrate the launch of Absolut Grapefruit, we worked with actor Jesse Tyler Ferguson (a.k.a. Mitchell from the Emmy-award winning “Modern Family” series) to prove how refreshing transparency can be with a series of humorous spots that remove the sugarcoated filters from relatable social scenarios.

From letting a colleague know that he was only invited to happy hour to cover expenses, to unapologetically breaking etiquette at a dinner party, Jesse Tyler Ferguson delivers truth bombs in a perfect pitch as he highlights how Absolut Grapefruit keeps it real in a world of hidden ingredients.

The biggest flavor innovation to come out of the brand’s Åhus, Sweden headquarters since the launch of Absolut Lime in 2016, Absolut Grapefruit’s fresh and well-balanced sweetness provides the perfect base for a variety of cocktails, like our favorite, the Swedish Paloma.

You can read more about the campaign here, and check out all of the spots here.