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Oreo Daily Twist Finale Lets Public Behind the Curtain

October 9, 2012

The luster of the ad industry and all its glamour – at least as portrayed in pop culture – has bewitched people for years. There’s an air of mystery that surrounds how great campaigns are born – and, for the general public, the creative process can be a truly fascinating thing.

Most people outside Ad Land are never exposed to what goes on beyond closed doors; they never get to witness how one word on a whiteboard or one doodle in a sketchbook can evolve into something with national and even global reach – let alone be a part of it themselves. Last week, Oreo gave fans a taste of the magic.

For the finale of its 100-day-long Daily Twist program, Oreo let the public see for themselves how the brand and its agency teams (including 360i) pulled off the effort in real-time. The Daily Twist campaign placed Oreo smack in the center of cultural conversations through an ambitious social media content series that reflected a new headline or trend every single day. Adweek has called the effort “conceptually strong” and “executionally brilliant.”

“No brand has ever done 100 days of content like this before, in real-time fashion,” said Gabe Alonso, a Content Manager here at 360i. “The level of collaboration and creativity is second to none.”

During a live event in Times Square, Oreo not only let fans behind the scenes of the Daily Twist program – but the brand also brought them into the creative process. Fans were able to watch the ideation and creation of the 100th Daily Twist live, helping to inspire and shape the creative along the way.

As the brand and agency teams collaborated, fans approached them with their own ideas. (Photo via Layne Harris)

Developing Oreo’s 100th Daily Twist was a crowdsourced process in which fans could submit their own topic ideas via social channels. Then, in a glass box placed in the middle of Times Square, Oreo and its agency teams selected the leading topics and developed creative sketches live for all to see. At the end of the day, fans from everywhere were able to vote on the final creative, which appeared on a Billboard in Times Square and on the brand’s Facebook page.

Layne Harris, a Technical Director at 360i, was on the ground in Times Square for the event.

“Daily Twist was pretty special in the sense that we were really focused on including Oreo in the on-going cultural conversation,” he said. “We managed to stay a part of the ad world zeitgeist — which isn’t easy to do given all the constant chatter in our space.”

Of course, beyond the industry buzz there was an outpour of fan enthusiasm around the campaign. As PRDaily points out, many Oreo lovers were sad to see Daily Twist come to an end.

“Some of my favorite ideas [that came up] were things that had nothing to do with real-time news,” said Alonso, who was in the fray during yesterday’s live event. “People suggested creating DNA out of Oreo, since it’s the ultimate ‘twist,’ or teeing up this week’s presidential debates through the lens of the brand. I was so awed the creativity of our community – It was absolutely incredible. “

Content related to Oreo’s Daily Twist program saw a 110 percent lift in engagement as compared to other posts. It has received coverage in The New York Times, Adweek, InsideFacebook and ClickZ, and Scott Monty recently lauded the campaign, saying that it has “set a new standard” for marketers.

You can view all 100 Daily Twists at