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Oreo and Google Team Up to Create an Interstellar Digital Dunk Experience

February 28, 2017

Earlier this month OREO launched the OREO Dunk Challenge, a global campaign that invites people around the world to share the playful, creative ways they dunk their OREO cookies in milk. This week, to help people dream up new ways to dunk, OREO released a first-of-its-kind digital experience that takes OREO cookies out of this world.

The OREO Space Dunk is a mobile experience, created by 360i in partnership with our friends at Google. It allows fans around the world to virtually launch an OREO into “space” and dunk it across each of the seven continents. The Space Dunk activation melds technology from the Android and iOS mobile operating systems, Google Chrome, Google Maps, and Google Streetview, Device GPS, and Device Accelerometer into one seamless experience.

To launch the experience on, fans must first scan an original OREO cookie with their smartphone. The site uses proprietary product scanning technology that leverages cam-based machine learning to make sure only real OREO cookies unlock the experience. From there, the site then transforms the actual cookie into a digital one that they can use for their virtual dunk. By swinging their phone fans can launch the digital OREO cookie into the Earth’s atmosphere. The site detects each user’s location so each and every single Space Dunk is unique. The cookie takes off from where the fan stands, and lands depending on how hard they “threw” their cookie into space. The more velocity used when swinging, the further the OREO cookie will “travel” from the user’s location before descending and dunking into a glass of milk. Post-dunk, fans have the option to share a gif and image of their OREO cookie’s unique space journey on social media and encourage their friends to create their own OREO Space Dunk.

With the experience, OREO takes the global celebration of it’s iconic ritual – dunking – mobile and helps inspire fans around the world to come up with new unexpected ways to dunk OREO cookies in milk. “OREO sees the world with childlike wonder and our iconic dunking ritual is the purest articulation of that vision,” Justin Parnell, Global Brand Director, OREO said in a press release. “When you dunk an OREO cookie in milk, you’re releasing a bit of childlike wonder from within, and it’s those types of moments that our brand was built on.  We’re thrilled to inspire fans to dunk OREO cookies on a global scale and inspire more moments of play and wonder around the world.” The OREO Space Dunk launched February 21 in the U.S. and will roll out internationally over the course of the OREO Dunk Challenge campaign.

Experience the Oreo Space Dunk for yourself here and read more about the campaign in The Drum.