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The Holidays Just Got Beefier with the Mini Wiener Rover from Oscar Mayer

December 2, 2015

Oscar Mayer is making jaws drop this holiday season with its limited edition Mini Wiener Rover – the newest, beefiest addition to the iconic Wienermobile family.

Earlier this year on July 23 – National Hot Dog Day – Oscar Mayer and 360i unveiled the first full sized all-terrain, off-roading Wiener Rover to deliver hot dogs to fans across the country. In response, fans cried out that they wanted a Wiener Rover of their own. After making an appearance on the Today Show, even Al Roker asked why Oscar Mayer was not selling these. Challenge accepted.

Now for a limited time fans can bring home their very own 22.5,” 30 mph, hot dog carrying, ready to rove machine for just $25. Just like the original Wiener Rover, the Mini Wiener Rover can be driven off-road across a variety of household terrains, including carpet, grass and sidewalks. But Oscar Mayer is only selling Mini Wiener Rovers in small batches daily on Twitter using the newly released “BUY NOW” button.

For new releases, follow @OscarMayer on Twitter as sales times vary. The brand will restock 15 daily on Twitter through December 4.

To pickup on clues about when the next batch will be released, check out Oscar Mayer on Facebook, Instagram and Tumblr.