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What’s Buzzing: Google Helpouts, FB Redesigns & More

November 8, 2013

After an announcement earlier this year, Twitter’s IPO hit markets Thursday morning and shares soared, with Twitter closing its first day of trading at $44.90. This week also brought news of some new Facebook features, including video autoplay in mobile Newsfeeds and “Like” and “Share” button revamps. Read on for more details and some insight into the new Nike+ Move app launch.

Twitter Stock Soars Following Thursday IPO

Twitter went public this week following an announcement earlier this year, with an initial stock price set at $26. With its share price shooting up and hovering in the mid-to-late $40s all day, the company was primed to raise $2 billion, closing out at $44.90 (73 percent above IPO price), and making it the second-largest Internet offering of all time. The IPO event was streamed live from the floor of the New York Stock Exchange – a first for the NYSE.

Google Helpout Sessions Give ‘Real Help from Real People in Real Time’

Just this week, Google launched its Helpouts: hangout-like video sessions a user can have with experts meant to help users with a variety of challenges and queries. These paid sessions are intended to last a couple of minutes, or just long enough for an expert to help the person solve his or her problem. Google’s edge comes from the experts being able to actually see what the problem is, and thus be able to offer more accurate assistance. Google’s simple slogan summarizes the process and overall goal: “Real help from real people in real time.” The platform will offer a sortable list of expert participants based on characteristics such as relevance, qualifications and user ratings.

Facebook Tests Video Autoplay on the Mobile Newsfeed

Facebook has begun testing out an autoplay video feature on the mobile Newsfeed to a select group of users in an effort to determine whether or not to adopt this feature for the entire platform. The test comes after Facebook’s announcement earlier this year that video ads are in the works. To note, Instagram (which is owned by Facebook), had already rolled out video ads that autoplay in the feed. If (or when) the autoplay functionality surfaces on Facebook, marketers should be prepared to tailor content and ensure it follows best practices rather than simply repurposing TV content. This will secure the highest fan engagement for the brand.

Facebook Redesigns Iconic “Like” & “Share” Buttons

Facebook introduced the “Like” button back in 2010, but as of earlier this week the iconic thumbs-up symbol – as well as the “Share” button – are receiving a facelift on the web. The thumbs-up symbol will no longer be associated with the action of Liking; instead, the Facebook “F” logo will appear in a dialogue box with the text: “Like” or “Share.” Above that will appear a box showing how many “Likes” or “Shares” the post or page has received (where you will now find the thumbs-up icon as well). The change will begin rolling out within the next few weeks.

Image via Facebook Developer Blog

Nike+ Move App Turns Smartphones into Wearables
Nike’s recently released Nike+ Move app, designed to help your smartphone act as a FuelBand, is now available in the App Store. Taking advantage of the M7 chip in the new iPhone 5S, Move uses a motion coprocessor to record and collate movement data to give you feedback about your activity, and measures it in NikeFuel – the common unit of measure across all Nike activity products (Sportwatch, FuelBand, etc.). Like the band, the new app measures your movements to determine how active you are and allows you to compare your numbers with friends and other users.

Image via The Next Web

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