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What’s Buzzing: Hyperlapse, Social Media Analytics & More

August 29, 2014

This week we received an invitation from Apple for a special event (Sept. 9), which many in the industry believe will be when we get a first official look at the next iPhone. Also in the news, Twitter and Pinterest focus on providing better analytics to users, and Instagram releases a new app that easily allows users to create their own hyperloops. Read on for more updates from this week.

Instagram Introduces Time Lapse Video Feature: Hyperlapse
As of this week, users on Instagram will now have the option to capture high-quality time lapse videos. The new app, which opens straight to the camera, prompts users to begin and end recording by tapping on the screen, choose a playback speed between 1x-12x and then save the footage to their camera rolls. Featuring built-in stabilization technology that even allows users to capture footage while in motion, users can create cinematic quality videos straight from their phones (no Instagram account needed), and can then from there easily share their hyperloops on Instagram.

Snapchat is College Students’ Platform of Choice
A recent polling by Sumpto found Snapchat to be the platform of choice for college students across the nation. When US college students were asked which social networks they post daily on, 70% of respondents replied with Snapchat, while Twitter came in at a distant second with 46%, and Facebook and Instagram rounded out the list with 11% and 10% respectively. Furthermore, surveyors believe that the level of trust in social networks may provide some insight into why the platforms were ranked as such. The largest number of respondents felt that they had the most privacy on Snapchat (35% of respondents) compared with only 20% for Facebook. Results also indicated that trust may not be the deciding factor, taking into consideration that despite low daily usage, Instagram ranked second (after Snapchat) as a network where respondents felt they had the most privacy.

Twitter Opens Analytics Dashboard to All Users
Twitter engineer, Ian Chan, broke the news in a tweet this week that Twitter has opened up its analytics dashboard to everyone on the platform. The popular social network launched its analytics dashboard – which is similar to that of Google Analytics (but for Twitter) – last month, however only advertisers and verified users had access to it. Now, the dashboard is open to every account that has been open for at least 14 days and that primarily tweets in English, French, Japanese or Spanish. The dashboard measures the performance of your tweets, and tracks how many people viewed your tweets, clicked on your links, etc. Users can access the Twitter analytics dashboard at

Pinterest Introduces New Analytics Platform
Similarly, in an effort to help companies improve their marketing strategies on the platform, Pinterest has introduced a new analytics platform which is said to be capable of providing more meaningful insights to businesses. Key features of the new platform include traffic and engagement metrics, audience insights and advice for driving further engagement. To use the platform, marketers must first set up a business account, and then they may access the platform at

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