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What’s Buzzing: Twitter’s IPO, Real-Time Spots Come to Late Night & More

September 20, 2013

This week, the digital world brought us big news from Twitter, socially-centric TV spots from Lexus and Late Night with Jimmy Fallon and Apple’s much-anticipated iOS7 update. And here at 360i, we held our 8th annual Marketing Summit, which welcomed speakers from leading brands and all the major digital platforms. You can read the full recap here.

Twitter Files for IPO

What better way for Twitter to announce its plans to go public than by doing so via a tweet? Twitter — valued at $10 billion — says it will be following in the steps of Facebook, which went public in May 2012, by next year. Though this comes as no surprise to many, its confirmation raises questions about whether this offering will impact the extensive freedom of speech the platform has established and is founded upon. Although notorious for fueling the likes of the Arab Spring and the London Riots, the microblogging site has also censored content in an attempt to abide by certain countries’ definitions of freedom of expression. Regardless of whether going public will push the platform to widen moderation and increase availability, it will continue to foster its role as a source of breaking news and immediate discussion, and this move gives it greater potential to further develop its influence.



Real-Time Marketing Broadcast Commercials Come to Late Night

An NBCUniversal and Lexus partnership brings the real-time marketing broadcast commercial campaign, “It’s Your Move After Dark”, to Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. During the first commercial break, improv actors will ask fans to contribute ideas for a Lexus IS ad by pitching their ideas through social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Tumblr. By the end of the show, a new improv commercial will drop live as shaped by fan suggestions. The effort is making the new spots hyper relevant as they are driven and co-created by their current audience.

iOS7 Software Drops

After months of waiting, users can now download the new iOS7. The Apple software, announced earlier this summer, comes with a number of expected changes, including the most radical visual revamp to date and a highly-anticipated fingerprint scanner which allows one to unlock the phone without entering a passcode. In an effort to remove clutter and facilitate multitasking, the new look is clean with bright colors and unobtrusive app functionalities. And while the user interface is refined yet efficient, some critics have already begun questioning whether iOS7 is innovative enough given growing competition from rival Samsung.

Twitter Experiments with ‘Magic Recs’

A new Twitter experiment called “Magic Recs” is sending users recommendations as to who a person should follow via Direct Message. With such a flourishing user base on the platform, the suggestions are meant to help identify relevant users or accounts based on the other accounts a user follows. The account description reads: “This is a Twitter experiment. Follow me to receive instant, personalized recommendations for users and content via direct message.” This experiment brings an unprecedented feature, in which an account (Magic Recs) can DM a user without following them. It will be interesting to see if brands emerge among the recommended accounts, should the experiment take off.

Vine Influencers Hit the Red Carpet

The red carpet is welcoming a new player that is part paparazzi, part celebrity: Vine-arazzi, if you will. Entertainment brands are tapping Vine influencers to attend movie premieres and live events and push out video content to their thousands of followers. While brands are already using platforms like Vine and Instagram to promote and amplify their content, partnerships with influencers — especially in influencer-rich communities like Vine — allow marketers to reach new and larger audiences through borrowed relevance.

Cover photo via Apple